RPV Enterprises

Cooking Oil Purifier

Benefits of Cooking Oil Purifier

  • Balance Iodine level in the oil
  • Decrease amount of OV, FFA, ACID, TPC
  • Helps to balance & maintain HDL/LDL accordingly
  • Bio+ Cooking Oil Purifier is a non-electrical device
  • Bio+ Cooking Oil Purifier reduces the level of acid from oil with the natural process and makes it healthy for the human to eat.
  • Primary contents of refined Oil are the harmful acid which imbalance TRI-DOSH in our body and cause many different types of hazardous diseases such as SUGAR, BP, ACIDITY, HEART ATTACK, BRAIN HEMORRHAGE, PARALYSIS.
  • Unique solution to used oil.
  • Get 99% purification through our FILTER MEDIA.
  • Hotels & Restaurants can filter the used oil more than 6 times.
  • We provide the best ethical source of earning huge profits.
  • We can save innocent lives of the consumers from chronic Diseases.
  • No need of recycling the used oil again & again.
  • OUR FILTER MEDIA keeps all the valuable ingredients of used oil like saponification, Iodine value intact as original oil & destroys all harmful contents wholly.